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WordPress Development

Released in 2003 By Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has risen to the top of the web development community and is one of the most well-established and trusted content management systems present today. Based on PHP and MySQL, it must be installed on a web server. This server may be part of an internet hosting service or could be a local host. A local host or serve is generally used by a single user for the purposes of experimentation and testing.

  • WordPress installation and Configuration
  • WordPress CMS and Theme Development and Customization
  • Dynamic Coding
  • Data Integration
  • WordPress Plugin and Template Design and Development
  • WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

WordPress The Leading Content Management System

WordPress also allows the use of plugins. Plugins are applications that perform some particular functionality on your website. This could be something like incorporating a sticky menu on your website or having a form on your website which reroutes the information to an email. Plugins also help a user add features such as widgets and client portals. These plugins can be installed through the WordPress application itself, or manually using an FTP.

With over 50 thousand plugins available, a wide array of customizable features and functions are available, and the user can incorporate they ones they want. If you search for WordPress Development in Bangalore or WordPress Development in Mumbai, you can surely find several firms which develop websites using WordPress.

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WordPress Development

Some of the other prominent features of WordPress are as follows

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WordPress users have the ability to select and switch between various themes present. These themes may be paid or free. Themes change the functionality and look of a particular website, without modifying the content already present in it.The ability to switch between several themes without losing any of the content is something that is greatly appreciated by developers and users alike.


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